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Family Society

The Kauppinen Family Society has been established on 2 May 1956 in Helsinki as to the uniting bind of the spiritual and material heritage in the family. The first chairman was vicar Hannes Kauppinen (1956-1976).  Over 400 members belongs to the society. The membership is per family which makes altogether about 1500 members. The Society's aim is to encourage the study of family history and genealogy.

Family symbol “Tarred with the same wood” appears in all the family products. The symbol as well  as the family jewelleries are the design of artist Eine Kauppinen from Kerava. The symbol describes the background of the family: in peasant culture and among the family handicraft skills have always been appreciated.

Membership is open to any person originating from Kauppinen family or to a person married to a Kauppinen. If there has been on mother's or father's side people by the name Kauppinen, you are welcome. According to the new rules ratified in 2007 also people who are interested in family society activities are welcome as regular members.  A membership fee is 20,00 € / family / year. The family meeting is organized after every three years.

The aim is to clarify the phases and history of the different family branches, treasure family traditions and promote a sense of solidarity among the members and to make family society and genealogic work known as well as to enhance the domicile work.

To fulfill these aims the family society is striving to

  • arrange family meetings, family conferences, excursions and other events
  • support the genealogic work
  • collect and archive the family data and distribute research and heritage knowledge
  • pursue the publishing activity which promotes the society's aims

As to support activities the society can receive the bequeathed and donated property, establish the funds and organize fundraising and raffles with the proper permission.