Family Festival in Viitasaari 2013

Welcome to the Family Festival on 10 -11 August in Viitasaari at the Muikunlahti Manor.

The detailed program with full information in Finnish has been published in KauppisViesti 1/13.

You can find the invitation with program information in English under the link 'Family Festivals'.

The Pennant - suitable anniversary gift

Kauppinen Family Society has her own family pennant. The fabulous pennant carries colours and symbols of Savo and Carelia. In the upper edge there is a symbol of  slash-and-burn and above the family symbol "tarred with the same wood". (five family branches).

President Martti Ahtisaari was presented the family tree of his Kauppis-ancestors

At the end of 2009 Chairman of the Kauppinen Family Society, Risto Kauppinen (on the right) and genealogist Jarmo Ahlstrand presented to President Martti Ahtisaari the family books of the Hankasalmi branch and the family tree of his Kauppis ancestors. Great grandmother of Ahtisaari was Ida Maria Kauppinen.



The family tree of Ahtisaari: 17 generations

Professor Kaisa Kauppinen: Society of Trust worth of maintaining

"In spite of all the criticism on the working life, there is a lot of good in the Finnish management. Manager – subordinate – relationships are often straightforward making interaction mutually easy. The Finnish society is a confidential society which is worth of maintaining. The business culture in South Europe is different", is   Professor Kaisa Kauppinen pondering over the Finnish working life.