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Professor Kaisa Kauppinen: Society of Trust worth of maintaining

"In spite of all the criticism on the working life, there is a lot of good in the Finnish management. Manager – subordinate – relationships are often straightforward making interaction mutually easy. The Finnish society is a confidential society which is worth of maintaining. The business culture in South Europe is different", is   Professor Kaisa Kauppinen pondering over the Finnish working life.
Kaisa Kauppinen works as a research professor at the Finnish Institute of the Occupational Health. Moreover she has worked over ten years as a docent at the University of Helsinki.  Her father Hannes was the first chairman of the Kauppinen Family Society. Kaisa’s brother Markku is an ambassador in Africa.
"It seems, that every generation has to create own prerequisites for the happiness. An inspiring and intelligent home culture has affected my career choice. Globalization is continuing and is affecting increasingly also the working life when the uncertainty is increasing”, says Kaisa Kauppinen. The entire interview is readable at the KauppisViesti no 1 / 2006 in Finnish.