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§ 1 Name and location

The name of the society is Kauppinen Family Society whose home place is the City of Helsinki. In these rules the association is referred to as society.

§ 2 Purpose and types of activities

The purpose of the society is to find out the various branches of the family and history, cherish family traditions and to promote a sense of belonging among

the members of the family as well as do family companion and family history famous and otherwise promote the work of local history.


To realize these aims the family society is striving to

  • organize family reunions, family conferences, tours/excursions and other comparable events
  • support the families in research activities and genealogic work
  • collect and archive the family data as well as to share research and heritage knowledge
  • pursue the realization of publishing to promote the society's purpose

As to support activities the society is able to accept donations to set up funds and organize fundraising and raffles with the proper permission.


3 § Members

Family Society membership can be granted to every person of 15 years of age, family lineage either from father’s or mother's side, or related through the marriage.

Family Society can grant a full membership also to the kind of person who is interested in society’s activities.

Family memberships are approved by the Society's Board of Directors. Membership starts when the Board of Directors has approved the membership application

(and having received the membership fee). A member has the right to withdraw from the society by giving written notice to the controller (the Secretary) or by giving notice of the withdrawal at the family meeting.  

The amount of the annual membership fee for the regular members is decided by the Family Society regular (Conference) meeting. The membership fee is a family-specific, that is, the family shall have one vote.

Life time membership is obtained by paying the membership fee of the current year 15- times.

On the Board of Directors' proposal the family meeting can invite as an honorary member a person who is specially qualified in society’s activities or in some other way contributed significantly to the realization of the purpose of the society. Of the dismissing a member decides the Board of Directors.  A member has the right to bring the dismission to the family meeting for decision by notifying the board in writing within one month of receiving the dismissal. A member who is not free of the annual membership fee shall be deemed to have resigned from the society if the fee has been unpaid for the last two calendar years. The board of directors is keeping the membership list of the family society.


4 § Board of Directors

Family Society is managed by the Board of Directors, which is elected at the regular general family meeting. The term of the Board of Directors is the time between two general family reunions. The board consists of the Chairman called the elder of the family, Vice-chair and five other members. On election an effort should be done for the involvement of each different family branch. Society secretary (which is called a scribe), treasurer (also called ‘funds guardian’), and other necessary staff are elected from among the members or from outside by the Board of Directors. The secretary and treasurer functions can be combined.

The Board of Directors will be convened by the Chairman or on his absence, by the Vice Chair, when they consider it necessary, or when at least two members of the Board so requires.

The Board of Directors shall have a quorum when the chairman or vice-chairman and at least three other members of the Board are attending. The opinion of the majority at the meeting will be the decision of the Board.  The vote resulting in a tie, the Chairman’s opinion is decisive except on the election the decision is done by lot. Board of Directors has to keep the minutes of the decisions signed up by the Chairman and Secretary.


§ 5 The signature right for the name of the Family Society

The Chairman along with Vice-Chair or either of them has the right to sign on behalf of the Family Society together with the Secretary or Treasurer.


6 § Accounts

Family Society's financial year is the calendar year. Family accounts with the necessary documents must be submitted to the auditors for inspection by the Board of Directors no later than during March following the financial year.  Auditors shall deliver the statement on the accounts to the family board no later than within two months.


§ 7 Convening the Family Society meetings

Family Society meetings shall be convened by the Board of Directors. The notice must be mailed to each member. Mailing or publication shall take place no later than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.


8 § Family Society meetings

Society's regular general family conference will be held every three years in April-September,  the date stated by the Board of Directors.

Additional family meeting is held when the club family meeting so decides or if the Board considers it necessary, or if at least one tenth of the voting members of the society in a specified matter in writing to the government requires.

At the family conference each in honor or life member, an actual member free from the payment on decision by the Board, and a full member the previous year's membership fee being paid, has the right to vote. Every person entitled to vote shall have one vote.

The society’s decision will be, with the exception of in § 10 mentioned decisions, opinion which is supported by more than half of the votes cast.  The vote resulting in a tie, the Chairman’s opinion is decisive except on the election the decision is done by lot.


9 § Family Society Conference

Society's Family Conference will address the following issues:

1 Opening of the meeting;

2 Stating a quorum;

3 Selections of the chairman, secretary and two inspectors of the minutes;

4 Selection of two tellers;

5 Approval of the agenda;

6 Presentation of the accounts, annual reports and auditors' statements on the actual period between the meetings of the family;

7 Approval of the financial statements and discharging from liability for the accounts;

8 Establishment of a roadmap to the next three years period between the Family conferences,  ordering annual membership fees for the next three calendar years, confirmation of the budget for the next three year period;

9 Election of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and five other members;

10 Election of two auditors and two deputy auditors;

11 Other matters on the agenda.

If a society member wishes to have an issue handled at the Family Conference meeting, the Board must be notified in writing in sufficient time for it to be included in the invitation.


§ 10 Amendments to the Rules and the dismantling of the family society

As to come into effect the decision to amend the rules and the dissolution of the society needs to have at least three-quarters majority of the votes cast at the society’s meeting. The issue of the amendment to the rules or dismantling of the society must be on the notice of meeting.

On the Family Society’s dissolution the means will be used on promotion of the purpose of the society in the manner stated by the Board meeting at issue. When dispanding the Family Society the funds will be used for the promotion of the purpose of the society.


§ 11 Other decision-making

Otherwise, the decision-making is consistent with the provisions of the Law Society, which are binding for all associations.



(At least three signatures are needed.)